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Causes of Foundation Cracks & Settlement — and the Best Solutions

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If your foundation shows signs of damage either by cracks or settlement, you’ll want to know the cause of the problem before trying to address it. In most cases, repairs are minor and require little time and money from you. In more extreme situations, bigger repairs are necessary which doesn’t spare you time or expense.

In most cases, repairs are minor and require little time and money from you. In more extreme situations, bigger repairs are necessary. You need to consult an expert in foundation repair to ensure you’re doing what’s right for your unique situation and that you’re not getting overcharged.

Foundation Cracks & Settlement Issues

What Causes Foundation Cracks?

  • Curing Concrete. Foundation cracks like this are normal. It’s part of the curing process. There’s no need to be alarmed if you see tiny cracks in the foundation.
  • Foundation Settlement. Foundation cracks caused by foundation settlement only get worse as the home continues to move. This problem should be addressed right away. You’ll want a professional to come out and assess the damage.
  • Expansive Soils. Clay soils expand and contract when wet. This causes the foundation to crack or buckle in the process. This type of foundation settlement is among the most dangerous because the wall could fall down quickly.

Signs of Foundation Settlement — and Solutions

Vertical wall cracks are a sign of foundation settlement. Foundation piers often offer the right solution for this problem. In the event the walls are falling because of expansive soils, however, a wall anchor system is recommended instead when foundation cracks and foundation settlement is an obvious problem.

How Not to Handle Foundation Cracks

There are things you shouldn’t do if you see these cracks in your foundation. For example, you don’t want to temporarily fix the problem by sealing drywall or the cracks in the mortar. It looks shoddy and is difficult to match in color making it worse than the foundation cracks themselves.

Expert Foundation Crack and Settlement Repair

Now that you know what to look for in terms of vertical foundation cracks and foundation settlement, you’ll be better able to address any repairs that need to be done in the process. You’ll know the causes of each which helps you prevent them from occurring in the first place. This will save you time, frustration, and expense by preserving your foundation and preventing it from becoming damaged once again.

AquaGuard Foundation Solutions can provide the expert advice you need when dealing with foundation settlement issues. We’re experts when it comes to repair and we employee cutting edge solutions, including foundation piers, to improve sinking and settling foundations.

For help with a sinking or cracking foundation, call today or contact us online for a free service estimate!

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