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Geo-Lock Anchors and Carbon Fiber Straps Case Study

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The Challenge

The basement of this home had enormous cracks in its walls. These cracks were a result of poor foundation and settlement problems. These issues were causing the basement walls to begin bowing, which is extremely dangerous in any home. Once a wall completely blows out because of bowing, it is extremely difficult and very expensive to fix. Obviously this homeowner did not want to completely replace her basement wall (if it were to blow out), so she took the initiative to call AquaGuard to help her fix her issues in an affordable way.

The Solution

AquaGuard was able to provide not one, but two affordable solutions to make sure this homeowner’s walls were sturdy and no longer prone to further cracks. The first solution we installed was Geo-Lock Anchors. 10 of these were attached to the walls of the basement to provide the house with the proper support it needed. Along with the anchors, three Carbon Fiber Straps were also installed. These straps straddle some of the major wall cracks to ensure that they do not grow any larger.

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