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Grayson, GA Crawlspace Renovated into New Storage Area

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The Challenge

This crawlspace had major leaks after it rained. Standing water puddles would form, leaving the crawlspace environment extremely damp and moist. Although the homeowner could not find any mold or wood rot, he definitely knew it was a possibility, so he wanted his water issues resolved. When AquaGuard came out to this man’s home, we did find a high humidity level. The sump pump in the crawlspace was also insufficient, which was the reason why so much water was not exiting the crawlspace. Along with the sump pump having issues, the insulation of this crawlspace was also doing more harm than help, so AquaGuard made sure to propose alternative solutions, like CrawlSeal drain matting, to this homeowner.

The Solution

Usually with any crawlspace that AquaGuard fixes, CrawlSeal drain matting is a priority. This drain matting permits minimal water from entering the space and, if water does come in, it drains it into one of AquaGuard’s complementary drainage systems (to then exit the space). Some of these drainage systems include EZ Flow, FreezeGuard, and Lawnscape. All of these drainage systems work together to guarantee that water does not stay in or around the homeowner’s crawlspace.

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