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Heavy Rains and Drought Conditions Take Toll on Metro Atlanta Homes

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Cracked Soils Cause Foundations to Shift

A recent news story by MSNBC features the effects that the drought has had on homes in the South. Foundations shift in the dry cracked soils.

The forecast for the next few months doesn’t seem to get any better. Drought conditions are expected to continue into fall. Homeowners should look for symptoms such as new cracks in the sheetrock or in the exterior of the home or even look for old cracks getting larger during drought conditions. Other symptoms include doors and windows sticking and not shutting properly. All of these symptoms can be signs that the soil around your home is shrinking and causing a foundation to shift and move.

Dry Clay Soils Allow Water to Penetrate a Basement

What might not be so evident to Atlanta homeowners is the toll that recent rains have had on their homes because of drought conditions. It’s been dry this year and last year. During these dry times the clay soil dries and shrinks. Gaps form and this creates an easy, clear pathway for water to follow, right into your basement or crawlspace. Water will find the weak points and enter your home. Once a basement leaks it will leak again. Water may come in at the base of your basement wall or through a crack in the wall and only fixing part of the problem may just mean the water will find another weak point to enter. The past two weeks have finally brought some rains to Georgia and many basements from Marietta to Mcdonough and from Duluth to Villa Rica are currently leaking, as the dry clay soil allows water to easily seep in.

AquaGuard can fix that leaky basement or crawlspace in addition to foundation problems and provide you with a nationally backed warranty. Throughout Metro Atlanta, we have helped many homeowners identify the foundation problems caused by dry clay soils. We also have the experience and expertise to help with crawl space encapsulation and basement waterproofing to help rid your below-grade space of unwanted water.

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