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Jammed or Sticking Windows? What’s Really Occurring

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Have you experienced the frustration of trying to open a window only for it to stick or get jammed halfway up? If you have to force your windows, you might have a foundation-related problem on your hands. 

Don’t Get Stuck with Windows That Won’t Open

As the days start to get cooler, you may want to open the window to let in a nice breeze. Unfortunately, if your windows aren’t operating correctly because they are skewed or have cracks at the corners, it’s going to take more than a little elbow grease to get them open. There are a few problems that can cause your windows to stick or jam.

Foundation Settlement

Your foundation will never settle evenly. That’s because the soil underneath your foundation is made of many different characteristics. Uneven settlement causes some parts of your foundation or slab to shift while other parts stay in their original spot. The shifting can cause the wood around your windows to warp and skew the opening.

You might be able to tell that you have a foundation problem if you see visible signs around your home’s exterior. Outside cracks and sticking windows are most often caused by foundation settlement. Professional contracting is required to fix the foundation problem quickly and permanently so that your home’s value and stability is restored.

AquaGuard believes in addressing foundation settlement at the source. We install foundation piers that extend deep into load-bearing soil, preventing any further settling and even raising the foundation back to its original position. This will close up any cracks and cause your windows to function properly once more. Our team will use helical piers or push piers to address your sinking foundation.

If you’re looking for contracting experts in Atlanta, Athens, Rome, Marietta, or surrounding areas, look no further than AquaGuard Foundation Solutions. We are the premier foundation repair and waterproofing professionals!

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