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Know these Warning Signs of Foundation Settlement

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Homeowners often discover foundation issues in their home by noticing a crack developing in a wall or a gap near a baseboard. Unfortunately, the longer you wait to treat visible signs of damage, the more severe the problem can become. Left untreated, minor cracks and leaks can turn into serious structural issues that compromise overall health and value of your home. If you encounter any of the foundation warning signs below, contact AquaGuard Foundation Solutions.

1. Structural Damage Shows in Bowing or Buckling Walls
The walls of your house should be straight and true. If they are not, then you may need foundation repair. Visually inspect each room in your home by looking at the place where the walls meet the floors and ceiling. If you see any gaps, your walls may be bowing. You can also use a level indoors and out to make certain that walls are solid. Contact a foundation repair expert if you notice bowing or buckling.

2. Wall Cracks Indicate the Need of Foundation Repair
A few cracks, like hairline cracks that appear in the mortar between concrete blocks in the foundation, are normal. Other cracks are clear signs of structural damage. If you notice cracks in a stair-step formation, it may be the sign of a moisture problem that is putting pressure on your foundation. Vertical cracks tend to be less serious than horizontal cracks, which may indicate serious shifting of the foundation or water damage.

3. Crooked doors
When a foundation settles, cracks or shifts, problems such as crooked doors develop in the house. Like flooring and wall issues, crooked doors may occur because of moisture issues in the basement or crawl space.

Your home’s structural integrity depends on the strength of your foundation. It supports everything else – walls, windows, floors, doorways, roof – so when your foundation is damaged, it can cause serious problems throughout your home. Fortunately, most foundation wall problems are visible, but signs of foundation problems need to be recognized as early as possible to correct (and sometimes even prevent) problems quickly.

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