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Most Effective Carbon Fiber Strap

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Not all carbon fiber straps are efficient or effective. There are many options of carbon fiber products- some are almost plate-like and very rigid (called laminates), while others are a loose grid that feel like sturdy fabric.

Here are the flaws with these defective systems:

Although laminate products are very strong, they can be extremely challenging to work with because they do not conform well to a bowing wall. Laminate systems tend to pop off the wall during installation. Also, epoxy is used to adhere the system to the wall, but this is a very think substance. Because of its thickness, the epoxy tends to stick to the surface of the wall rather than seep into the deep pores of the concrete wall. This greatly limits its strength.

Grid systems consist of woven carbon fibers- these fibers are generally not very strong. One of the most ideal products is Fabric based. They are good because they conform very tightly against the wall. Unfortunately, Fabric products have to be very wide to match the strength of a laminate product.

AquaGuard offers the most practical and efficient method. Not only is it substantially stronger than any concrete, while still being uniquely-flexible. It is also very affordable.

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