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Solutions for Foundation Wall Failure in Georgia

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When AquaGuard has access to the outside of the home, our helical anchor system is the best option to assist any major wall failure.

Helical anchors are designed like a screw. They can be mechanically advanced through the soil using a machine called a drive head. Helical anchors are great to use to stabilize bowing basement walls.

When installing helical anchors, the first step is to cut a big hole in the wall. After the hole is made, a hydraulic motor is taken into the basement and used to advance the anchor into the ground. The hole in the wall is then filled back with concrete and a steel plate connects the helical anchor to the wall.

If you have lots of space available, helical anchors are your best option for anchoring. Helical anchors are great to be used on walls that are bowing, tipping in at the top, or pushing in at the bottom.

When not to use Helical Anchors:

  • Do not use them if you are trying to keep your basement completely dry. Because of the hole that must be made in the wall, it is extremely hard to keep water for seeping in around the hole, even after it is filled back in.
  • Another downfall of this anchor system is the fact that large hydraulic equipment needs to be used inside the home. This type of equipment can be dangerous and messy.
  • Also, helical anchors must be attached into stable soil (not back fill). Therefore, it is not always possible to install these anchors because of property lines or other obstacles.

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