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Steel SettleStop Push Piers are the Best Stabilizing Solution

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 Why don’t concrete piers work?

Blunt concrete cylinders are too wide to be pushed deep into the ground and past the troubled, settling soil. Also, nothing guides the direction of the pier; therefore, they often are not installed straight. Although concrete is an extremely strong material, it can still crack and break under pressure and even changing temperature. If you do not agree with all of these statements, ponder this question. Why do only a few companies offer a concrete pier approach?

Steel SettleStop Push Piers are a much better solution!

What are these? Push piers are made of steel and are driven deep into the soil to bedrock and other stable soils. Push piers are either installed from the exterior or interior of the home and provide an opportunity to lift your home back into its original position.

How do these work? To install these piers, the first thing done is removal of the soil from the area where the pier will be driven. After that, a heavy-duty steel bracket is installed below and against the home’s foundation footing. Steel pier sections are hydraulically driven through the bracket to bedrock or a stable soil layer. Next, the weight of the home is removed from the old foundation and transferred through the piers to the competent soil below. This helps lift the home back toward its original position. Once the stabilization and lift are completed, the soil is backfilled and the home is then permanently stabilized in its new position.

When to use these? Push piers are often the least risky solution when local soil conditions are unknown. Keep in mind: it is very important that the piers are driven into a very stable soil level.

If you are trying to find solutions to the following goals, then push piers for foundation stabilization are a good choice for you:

  • Best opportunity to lift the home back toward its original position
  • Minimal disturbance during and after installation
  • Quick installation compared to other solutions

** Lighter structures, like stoops and decks, are not the best candidates for push piers. Helical piers are much more effective solutions **

In Metro Atlanta and many areas in North Georgia, our Foundation Specialists have the experience and technical knowledge necessary to identify the problem and right-size the solution for your home or commercial structure.

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