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Geolock Wall Anchors Solve Major Stair-Step Cracks

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The Challenge

AquaGuard salesman Patrick Arabia diagnosed numerous problems in this home.; Some of the main issues were regarding the water and moisture in the home’s basement. The basement did not have an efficient enough drainage system, which was leaving water throughout the entire basement. Along with not having an interior drainage system, this home was also lacking a drainage system on the outside of the house.; Other issues emanated from this home’s foundation problems. One crucial wall in the basement had two stair-step cracks creeping down it. These cracks are usually caused by settling soil under the home’s foundation and can cause major issues throughout the entire house.; Not only did this home have a faulty basement, but it also had major crawlspace problems. The crawlspace desperately needed debris removed; it also needed proper matting and an effective drainage system (similar to the basement).

The Solution

AquaGuard was able to solve all of these problems. And in only four days! How did they do it?

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