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Why Should I Fix My Georgia Foundation?

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1. Your Problem will get Worse- a foundation issue never resolves itself. Your problem will worsen; and, therefore, will be more costly to fix.

2. Resale Value – nobody wants to buy a house with a foundation problem.

3. Appearance – foundation problems are ugly. These ugly cracks are not only seen on the outside of the home, but often times on the inside as well.

4. Door and Window Operation – as your house sinks, settles, and moves, your doors and windows will begin to stick and jam.

5. Water Intrusion – foundation cracks allow water into your home- even if there is only a little bit of moisture entering your house, it can still damage your living space in a variety of ways.

6. Safety – foundations collapse, chunks of brick veneer fall off of houses, and other serious safety hazards can and have occurred.

7. Critters like Cracks – rodents and insects will often times use the cracks in your foundation to enter your home.

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