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Why Should I Fix My Home’s Foundation

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Most people think that only older homes suffer from foundation/structural issues but that isn’t the case. According to an article by Consumer Reports, approximately 15% of new homes suffer from structural issues. Most of these issues are a result of being built on poorly contracted soil or poor construction.

Patching and tuck pointing do provide a temporary cosmetic repair but the cracks in interior sheetrock and exterior brick cracks will reappear and patching does nothing to support the structure of your home.

Structural problems can drastically reduce the price of your home when you sell it as well. Structural issues must be disclosed and can result in a 10-20% decrease in the sale price.

AquaGuard Foundation Solutions can help! We offer free estimates to homeowners and each estimator is nationally and locally trained and certified in foundation and structural repair. Call today or visit our free estimate page of our website to request an estimate.

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