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Frequently Asked Questions: Maintenance and Warranty

Question : Do AquaGuard offer yearly maintenance?

Absolutely! Yes, in fact, we recommend it. Your yearly maintenance is like getting the oil changed in your car – it is something should always do to ensure maximum efficiency. For a nominal fee, we will come out to your home and check to make sure all of the products we installed previously are working properly. We have many service crews to ensure that your yearly maintenance will be scheduled within an appropriate amount of time.

If we performed: Basement Waterproofing, we will…

  • flood your BasementGutter system to make sure all discharge lines are working properly and do not have any holes causing leaks
  • ensure that discharge lines are not clogged with dirt or debris
  • take your pump out and clean it
  • check your AquaGuard, change its filter, and also check the air humidity

CrawlSpace Encapsulation…

  • ensure that the liner is sealed properly. If it is not, we will retape and reseal it.
  • check all discharge lines for dirt or debris that may be clogging it
  • check your AquaGuard, change its filter, and also check the air humidity

Foundation Support

  • tighten wall anchors
  • check piers and IntelliJacks for any issues

Question : If I do not maintain the products AquaGuard installed, does my warranty still stay intact?

Answer : Yes. No matter what, your home and its installations from AquaGuard will always have a warranty. We do advise that, if problems were to arise, it is better for you to find them than for them to find you. To ensure that problems are solved quickly, or do not arise at all, we advise for you to always have your yearly maintenance done.

Question : Does the warranty transfer when I sell my home?

Answer : AquaGuard warranties do transfer from homeowner to homeowner. If you are selling your home, give us a call and we will send you a ‘transfer of warranty’ form. It is as simple as that!

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