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AquaGuard Gutter – How Do Gutters Fit Into AquaGuard’s Existing Services?

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As a well-established home services contractor here in Atlanta, AquaGuard Foundation Solutions has seemingly perfected the art of residential Waterproofing, Foundation Repair, and Concrete Leveling. But we also offer a fourth service – one of which Atlanta homeowners may not be fully aware – gutter installation.

Each of our waterproofing services is critical to protecting the strength and stability of your home’s foundation. Gutters fit perfectly into our approach of holistically protecting the home from water damage, particularly damage from improperly-channeled roof water, which can lead to moisture intrusion, structural and even concrete settlement issues.

Your typical run of the mill gutter can easily clog from leaves and pine needles, causing roof water to the sheet right over the gutters and freefall around your homes’ foundations. Pooling water spells trouble – it can lead to foundation settlement and wall failure, wet basements or nasty crawl spaces, and soil erosion, which can also cause concrete settlement. We certainly need rain, but it must be correctly channeled and diverted away, or else it can be detrimental.

Capturing rainwater correctly, and then diverting it away from the home’s foundation, is one of the things that you can do to ensure the stability and strength of your home’s foundation walls.

Our solution is a gutter system called AquaGuard Gutter – the largest covered gutter system on the market. It’s an all-in-one, covered gutter system that provides PERMANENT protection. It features a solid, non-perforated aluminum cover designed to capture and divert rainwater while simultaneously repelling leaves, pine straw needles, and other debris. This means your gutters will work properly – even during the heaviest storms – and you’ll NEVER have to clean your gutters again – because they’re GUARANTEED to not clog!

AquaGuard Gutter also boasts the strongest mounting bracket on the market — GutterStud – which guarantees that your gutters will never pull away from your home, AquaGuard Gutter installs on your fascia board, not underneath the shingles – which could be damaging to your roof. And lastly, perhaps most importantly, we pair our Gutter System with our proven water diversion techniques, diverting water underground through a discharge line until the slope of the land slopes away from your homes’ foundation walls.

When it rains, it often pours in Atlanta, and AquaGuard Gutter’s 6-inch trough, widest available, can handle more than enough rainwater – even during torrential downpours.
The entire AquaGuard Gutter system is backed by BOTH a lifetime, no-clog warranty, as well as a lifetime guarantee to NEVER pull away from your house!

Our System Design Specialists will assess your home’s specific needs and customize a gutter solution to permanently resolve YOUR home’s roof water issues and restore YOUR peace of mind. Contact AquaGuard and schedule your free of charge evaluation today.

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