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Backbreaking Gutter Cleaning: The One-Time AquaGuard Gutter Solution

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As the rain settles in this fall in Atlanta, the dreaded thought of cleaning your gutters, or the expense of paying a company to clean them for you, rears its annual, ugly head. The laborious job and the residential task of ridding your gutters from debris must happen, however, to save your home from catastrophic water penetration, concrete settlement, or even structural damage.

If water can’t flow properly through its gutter troughs, it will sheet over the sides and freefall to the soil and drainage system surrounding your foundation. This rainwater can pool up around your home’s foundation, eventually making its way down through the soil and pushing against or funneling underneath your foundation walls.

This is bad news, as hydrostatic pressure against foundation walls can cause basement walls to crack, buckle and bow over time, and water penetrating through your soil can result in leaks or floods inside your foundation.

The resulting soaked mulch of leaves and pine straw needles in gutter troughs, along with the gathering rainwater, is a weighty combination, and may also cause your gutter system to rip away from your house. The fascia board against which your gutters are fastened can begin to rot and mold with continued exposure to sitting moisture causing a multitude of structural or waterproofing issues.

The One-Time Solution

Of the 500,000 reported falls from ladders that hurt people each year across the United States, 97% of them take place at home. Why put yourself in harm’s way? We can assist with permanently solving your clogged, leaking, or overflowing gutter problems.

AquaGuard offers the best possible solution to our customers – an all-in-one, covered gutter system called Gutter. It features a solid, non-perforated aluminum cover designed to repel debris like leaves and pine straw needles.

Guaranteeing that the gutters will never pull away from the house, we securely fasten the troughs to the fascia board with our patented GutterStud bracket – the strongest mounting bracket on the market. It is important to know that we install Gutter directly onto your Fascia Board, and never underneath the shingles, which can do great damage to your roof.

Perhaps most importantly is that AquaGuard Gutter’s unique water adhesion process pairs directly with our proven water diversion techniques. From the downspouts, we can divert rainwater underground through a discharge line until negative sloping occurs away from your home’s foundation walls, thus ensuring your roof water is channeled properly and your walls are protected.

People never think that improperly, channeled roofs, and rainwater can present a real problem for a home’s foundations or structural integrity, but it’s the leading catalyst of most issues we resolve. Get your gutters right once and for all with AquaGuard’s Gutter system and water diversion techniques. Set your FREE appointment at 770-874-2669.

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