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Gutter Guards VS. Gutter Cleaning

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Homeowners with more trees in the yard typically have to clean their gutters more often than those with fewer trees. Regardless of how often it needs to be done, it always takes time, money, and can be a dangerous task. If you choose not to do it yourself, the cost of hiring someone to clean your gutters can be expensive. In the long run, you’ll be glad you invested in a quality gutter solution to avoid the hassle of clogged, dirty gutters in your Atlanta home. 

3 Common Gutter Guard Myths:

1. “I don’t have trees so I don’t need gutter protection.”
Wrong! Having trees isn’t the only way for debris to get stuck in your gutters. There are many other unsuspecting ways to get a gutter clog, including animals and insects that are looking for a warm place to live, debris that gets carried in from a heavy storm, and silt build up.

2. “Gutter guards require installing new gutters.”
Wrong! Most people assume installing a guard around their gutters means that they have to buy all new gutters; however, that is not the case. AquaGuard installs on your existing gutters, saving you time and money.

3. “Gutter guards don’t work.”
Wrong! It’s true that certain types of gutter guard systems on the market can be ineffective, but not ours! At AquaGuard, our system is more than just a typical gutter guard. It’s a patented system that is designed to not only block the debris from entering but also to properly collect the roof water and to manage it and drain it far away from your foundation.

A Complete Water Protection System

At AquaGuard Gutter Solutions, we use a complete water protection system that not only repels debris and avoids clogging, but also properly manages and drains the roof water far away from your home to avoid any damage. Our AquaGuard system is designed to completely eliminate any clogging or maintenance hassles for homeowners. Prevent headaches in the future by investing in quality gutters from AquaGuard Gutter Solutions

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