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Gutter Defense During Strong Weather

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Intense rainfall and high winds are known to cause significant damage to homes. Roughly 80% of home damage from storms is directed at the roof area. What many Georgian homeowners don’t know is that gutters and downspouts are your home’s main defense against strong weather and excessive rainfall. Making sure your home is totally protected against the elements with a solid gutter system could save you thousands of dollars in potential storm damage.

AquaGuard’s Gutter solution brings you peace of mind during strong weather seasons, successfully diverting the flow of high-volume roof-water through its sizable six-inch gutter-trough. Its sturdy all-in-one frame boasts the strongest bracket on the market – the patent-pending GutterStud bracketing system – ensuring your gutters will never pull away from your home’s fascia board, especially during strong wind action.

The Atlanta area averages 52 inches of rain per year, which is 14 inches above the national average. This, along with the threat of strong weather year-round, explains why ordinary gutters are not equipped to withstand the bursts of heavy rainfall and wind that batter our homes.

An alarming fact that most homeowners do not consider, is that improperly-channeled roof water can pool directly around your home’s foundation walls, seeping into the soil and causing long-lasting damage to your walls, your basement or crawl spaces, and even the concrete slabs surrounding or supporting your home.

It is highly recommended that all downspouts have underground extensions attached to them, enabling the roof water to be successfully diverted away from the home’s foundation, until the ground slope shifts away from your home. Even with this recommendation, however, many homeowners only funnel roof water 1 to 4 feet away from the home’s foundation walls – typically via a plastic splash guard, which does very little to protect your home.

AquaGuard offers a variety of products that protect your home from all kinds of water and moisture damage – waterproofing solutions for wet, moldy basements or damp, musty crawl spaces; concrete stabilization and leveling for slabs that crack and sink or settle due to soil wash-out and erosion, and a variety of structural solutions to permanently stabilize your home’s foundation walls and floor joists. Similarly, AquaGuard Gutter provides you with the best opportunity to holistically protect your home from the source of most problems – your roof water.

So, if you have clogged, leaking, or unstable gutters, learn how you can permanently protect your home against roof water – the right way – and restore your peace of mind. Call us at 770.415.2030 to schedule a free gutters evaluation.

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