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It’s A Great Day at AquaGuard!

AquaGuard believes that customer service is our number one priority from the very first call, through the estimator’s visit to the customer’s home, all the way through to installing and completing the work. As part of this commitment, we believe it is important to greet each customer and provide excellent customer service when the phone rings here at AquaGuard. That is the reason each call is answered with, “It’s a Great Day at AquaGuard”.

Our customer service representatives, greet each caller and direct calls to the appropriate department and, take the information to set up estimates. Each customer is asked their contact information and what the issues they are having with their home. For basement wateproofing the customer is asked how often the water comes into their basement and where it comes in as well as if there are any cracks in the walls. For crawlspace waterproofing or encapsulation they may ask if the crawlspace is damp or if there is standing water in the crawlspace, sometimes a damp crawlspace can also cause sagging floors above the crawlspace also and the customer maybe asked about that as well.

Some of our callers are concerned about structural problems with their homes. These callers are asked about sheetrock cracks inside the home, exterior cracks in brick or stucco or if cracks are above doors or windows.

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Atlanta Office

875 Pickens Industrial Dr
Marietta, GA 30062