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Kitchen Culture – The Heart & Hearth of AquaGuard

It’s said that the kitchen is the heart of the home – a hub in which to congregate where meals are made to fuel body, mind and soul. Here at AquaGuard, our company kitchen is often filled with aromas that act like smoke signals, calling us together from all corners of the building.

Whether it’s the HR Department preparing their favorite Asian cuisine for an office lunch, or one of our Managers grilling his delectable steak fajita’s, or our Warehouse Assistant rejuvenating our taste buds with his famous barbeque, or the Service Department Assistant Manager sautéing a hearty breakfast to fuel his team before they hit the road – there’s always something cooking around our office!

Building a sense of community is key to creating a positive company culture, and food just happens to be our communal pleasure. Kitchens bring people together, energizing them, and preparing them to head back into the world recharged and ready to make a difference.

Human Resources Director, Jeff Darnell, explains, “Having a communal area for a team to relax, refresh, and rekindle is vital. But it can be so much more than just a place to eat. It can be a nexus for the nourishing of corporate culture, impromptu conversations, and unexpected exchanges. Staff interaction and laughter does contribute to fresh thinking, fresh ideas, and innovation.”

So, should you ever find yourself around our office, feel free to swing by our breakroom. Who knows, you may just catch us in the middle of a birthday celebration!

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