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Remaining Calm During a Crisis

Why We're Worth the Wait When it Rains

Homeowners know they should NOT have water in their basements. So, when their basement leaks or floods, they panic. Unfortunately, sometimes, when it rains in Atlanta, it pours! Take this past winter, for instance. The counties that comprise Greater Atlanta received an average of 11 inches of rain this past December, followed by another 10+ inches over January & February, resulting in a deluge of phone calls at AquaGuard’s office. Our Appointment Center booked more than 2,600 appointments in January alone! Think about that: 2,600+ homes with people panicking (rightly so) because water entered their home.

When it Rains, it Pours

Now, maybe other contractors may not be equipped to book 2,600 fresh appointments in a single month, but any waterproofing contractor worth their salt was undoubtedly just as busy as we were. During torrential or steady downpours, thousands of Atlanta homes will, unfortunately, leak or flood. Poor home construction laws and the red clay upon which our homes are built unfortunately serve as the primary catalysts for this outcome. New construction laws only require builders to damp-proof, not waterproof, your home’s foundation, and when the expansive red clay that surrounds our homes receives more water than it can retain, it will oversaturate, potentially wreaking havoc on your home’s basements, crawl space, foundation walls, floors, or concrete slabs.

So, people panic, and “panicked people tend to book anyone who can come out to their home immediately. That’s often a mistake,” says AquaGuard Founder and Owner, Tom DiGregorio. “Any company that is not fully-slammed during super rainy, busy times may NOT be for good reason”.

Your Premier Waterproofing Contractor

pooled water on patio

Over 25 years of business, AquaGuard has slowly built a strong and stable work-force, with currently 40 full-time Systems Design Specialists regularly running more than 400 collective appointments per week. But at that rate, it would still take six and a half weeks, or over a month and a half, to cover 2,600 appointments.

In a crisis, other companies should be inundated too, but beware that they might tend to bring in untrained or unqualified individuals just to field the extra workload, OR their employed sales reps would have to be running 5 to 8 appointments per day, exhausting them! Even worse, companies may be able to come out immediately because they don’t have any existing customers in their system; they’re basically only operable during massive weather events.

As difficult as it may be during times of crisis, Tom advises homeowners “to not be in a hurry – even the best restaurants have WAIT-LISTS for good reason! This is where a short-term, rash decision can become a long-term unresolved problem and your money not well spent.” Tom continues “Our products and systems, many of which are patented and come with a life-of-structure warranty, are going to give you the right solution the first time.”

Living by the credo that every dollar spent must be well spent, Tom says that “unfortunately, many of the homes we fix have had previous repairs attempted by other contractors, which we have to undo first before properly addressing the situation at hand.” If you currently have or find water in your basement down the road, don’t panic.

Schedule a free evaluation, and fix your home right, the FIRST time. If the floodgates have opened across Atlanta, it may take us a few weeks to get there, but we promise, we’re worth the wait.

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