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Tips for Homebuyers

While most people don’t consider themselves to be experts at noticing foundation or structural problems when home shopping, a few tips can go along way to steering away from a problem home. By just remembering a few of these symptoms, even a novice can recognize problems when looking for a home!

1. Structural problems – If you see cracks in the sheet rock above doors or windows, cracks in the exterior brick, horizontal cracks in a basement block wall or the doors and windows stick or don’t shut properly, these are all symptoms that may point to a structural issue.

2. Crawl space problems – Sagging floors upstairs in the home, moldy or musty odor, falling insulation or standing water when you look in the crawlspace are all signs there may be an issue with the crawlspace.

3. Basement problems – Damp, musty or moldy odors, vertical cracks in poured basement walls, staining on the walls that looks like a White powdery substances, mold on baseboards, stored items that show evidence of water stains can all be symptoms of water entering a basement.

While all of the above can point to a potential problem with a home, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t purchase. What it does mean is that you should get an estimate from a qualified waterproofing and structural repair specialist . AquaGuard Foundation Solutions works with real estate agents every day in Metro Atlanta to provide estimates to homes under contract. For more information ask your real estate agent to contact us and ask about are ARES program, for both sellers and buyers of homes.

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