Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The only negative in this experience was the promise sales made in completing all work,the pollylevel was to be completed within 1 day of the foundation lift.Then I was informed the Pollylevel was to be completed next month.Then your lead man Paul called to try and reschedule it sooner and the best was in 2 weeks.Paul was very helpful in this whole operation.He ran into problems that were not foreseen and had quick solutions and carried them out to complete the job on schedule.I'm thankful to AquaGuard for having such a person in that lead role and thanks to his crew for doing a great job.
David A. Carlucci

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I was told the polylevel would follow the same day or the next day after the foundation lift.I was then informed after the lift that the polylevel was scheduled for the next month.I scheduled days off from work to have the lift done and I have no additional time left to take off of work.

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