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Columbus, GA

A home needs a dry and stable foundation to be healthy. It’s accomplished by installing permanent solutions to repair and protect the home and its foundation.

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Columbus Basement and Crawl Space Waterproofing

As much as 90% of all Georgia homes will experience some sort of humidity problem at one point or another. That’s why it’s essential for Columbus homeowners to prepare and always keep their property dry and safe. 

Most of the time, the best waterproofing move a homeowner can make is to install a sump pump that will remove excess water from their Columbus home’s basement or crawl space when there’s a need. Heavy rain and severe storms are common in the area and they can easily cause your home to flood. A sump pump will only activate when needed and therefore it can last for decades, consuming energy only when it’s in use. 

Even though winters are relatively mild in Georgia, there are still occasional snowstorms in December and January, especially in the northern parts of the state. When the snow melts, the water puts extra pressure on your home, often causing leaks and smaller floods. Having a vapor barrier installed can help with this as well as with the ensuing humidity. 

Roof gutters should also be installed and maintained regularly in order to prevent rainfall from adding to the hydrostatic pressure around your property. Gutters sometimes seem like a minor feature, but they do a great deal when it comes to directing water away from your Columbus home and therefore your basement.

Columbus Foundation Repair

Foundation issues are common in Columbus, GA. That’s why we offer a variety of different solutions for bowing walls and foundation settling. It’s important to start by knowing which action to take and that’s best done by consulting one of our expert inspectors and letting them come up with the solution and the quote for the job.  A lot of the foundation issues facing homes in Columbus happen seasonally and due to how the harsh summer weather affects the soil. The soil tends to shrink when it’s not humid enough and this causes the home on top of it to become structurally unstable. 

We offer the best solutions for homeowners by providing a support system of helical piers and push piers. They are a long-term fix for homes that are sinking or have an uneven foundation. The soil that erodes below the home causes the issue and you need a solution that deals with this underlying cause and not just the manifestation of it. The piers are used to transfer the weight of the home to the sturdy ground.  Having the piers best suited to the needs of a Columbus home also depends on local conditions. 

Sagging floors often appear due to foundation problems. They are easy to notice since the floor is bouncy when you step on it. There are also gaps between the floor and the bottom of your walls inside the property. This is what happens when floor joists fail and you don’t always need to replace them. A support jack for the crawl space can be installed instead. It’s used to stabilize the floor and make it even. Chances are that the issue is caused by the excess humidity in the soil. However, older, Antebellum homes are often made out of wood entirely and their structural integrity can also be affected by insects and rodents.

Concrete Lifting in Columbus

Concrete steps and slabs on your Columbus property may start to sink and crack after a few years. They are resting on soil and use it for support. That’s something that can become an issue if the soil starts to erode over the years. The concrete will sink since it doesn’t have the soil to rest on. The soil in Georgia often contains a lot of clay and that’s what causes it to shift under the pressure of a concrete slab. When there’s an excessive amount of rain, clay soil will expand but it will also shrink when it’s dry. This leads to gaps and voids beneath the slab and that’s where the cracks will appear.   

One of the best ways to do this is to use PolyRenewal™ foam. It’s a far superior solution to any of the old alternatives. The process for installing it is much less invasive and less complicated. The foam will lift your Columbus home’s concrete in less than an hour and it’s safe to use as soon as the process is done. It’s also a better solution in terms of its environmental impact. The foam is injected through small holes in the concrete that installers will easily cover afterward. Since the foam doesn’t react with water it won’t be affected by the washouts caused by the ever-changing Georgia weather.

Concrete Leveling Install




About Waterproofing, Foundation Repair & Crawl Spaces in Columbus

The best way for a homeowner to avoid costly repairs is to fix the issues that arise before they become too damaging. In order to do so, you need to notice signs of trouble as soon as they appear. Cracks in the walls and gaps between the floor and the walls are small matters but they can indicate a larger structural issue. 

Make sure you’re familiar with your Columbus home and especially its basement or crawl space area. That way, you’ll notice a crack or an uneven surface as soon as it’s there. A yearly round of inspection should become a part of your home maintenance routine. As soon as a change is noticeable, you should contact a foundation repair expert and look for their advice as to the cause of the issue. In many cases, cracks are just a surface-level problem and won’t merit a repair. 

These regular checks should be done more often if the foundation was recently repaired or if there’s a structural problem that most of your neighbors are facing. That’s usually a sign that you will as well since you share the same soil and most often, the majority of homes in a particular neighborhood will have been constructed by the same builder. 

Many Columbus homeowners decide to fix their home on their own since that’s a good way to save money and it can be a fun project to do in their spare time. This is OK with some repairs but it’s something to avoid when it comes to structural problems. That’s because they are very complex and difficult.

There’s also a lot of equipment that you need to have and the materials needed for repairs aren’t always available to an ordinary homeowner buying them over the counter. Trying to find these materials and machines can take a long time and it can be expensive as well. It’s best therefore to leave it to the experts when it comes to these important repairs.

Start by having an expert inspect the property and figure out what’s caused the issue in the first place. They will guide you through the rest of the process and provide you with solutions that are tailored to your home’s specific repair needs that address the seriousness of the problem and fit your budget as well. 

Having a moldy basement isn’t just a matter of aesthetics, it’s also a health issue. If your Columbus home has mold in the basement, its spores are getting into the air and you’re breathing day in and day out. This can cause numerous health issues and especially with those who already have a respiratory condition.

It’s best to cut the problem at the source and remove the humidity that’s providing a breeding ground for the mold in the first place. That can be accomplished by removing the water from your basement via a sump pump or a dehumidifier and by making sure that it’s waterproofed by sealing it with a vapor barrier.

Once you’ve removed the water and moisture out of the air, the next thing to do is to remove the mold itself and sometimes the drywall on which it is growing. The mold will not be able to grow again since you’ve removed everything it needs to thrive.

Concrete slabs crack due to problems with the soil beneath them. All soil inevitably erodes over time or gets washed out by water and rainfall. As it does, voids are formed below the concrete slab part of your Columbus home’s foundation and there’s nothing more to support its weight. When that happens, the concrete starts to sink and break at pressure points.

In order to lift the concrete, you should also fix the holes beneath it that have caused it to sink in the first place. That can’t be done with outdated methods for concrete lifting such as mudjacking. New methods that use polyurethane foam fix both the concrete and the soil issue by filling in the holes and providing a long-term solution to this issue.

Sometimes, the cause for the cracking is in the concrete itself and that’s what happens when the concrete isn’t sturdy enough. There’s no solution for this problem other than removing the concrete slab altogether and installing a new one out of reliable concrete that will provide better material.

There are many advantages of this repair method compared to what else is available. Most of these older methods are slowly being phased out. Polyurethane foam is faster and easier to install and there’s less damage to the property involved. The small holes that need to be drilled in to inject the foam are easy to cover up and repair, meaning that you can make your Columbus home’s concrete appear smooth quickly enough.

PolyRenewal™ foam injections are also a better option from an environmental standpoint since they won’t interact with the soil or cause damage to your garden. The foam is perfectly safe to use and it won’t in any way damage the plant life near it.

It’s also a long-term solution since it fixes the cause of the problem and not only its manifestations. The foam will repair the soil beneath the concrete slab that’s sinking and that means that you won’t have to redo repairs every few years. It’s one of those repairs that should be done once if it’s done right.

A dehumidifier is a device that’s used to remove the moisture from the air of the basement. Its immediate use is that it makes the air less stuffy that in turn makes your whole Columbus home easier to live in and more comfortable. It also makes the basement a less comfortable environment for mold and mildew that likes to grow in the humid and dark places of your home.

This is a health issue as much as it is a comfort one since the mold and mildew that grows inside your home can cause a lot of damage to your health if it’s inhaled over a long time. Once you’ve removed the excess water out of the air, you’ve also dealt with the mildew problem.  

In the end, you should also consider how difficult it is to heat and cool a wet basement and how easier that becomes once humidity is removed. This in turn affects your AC and heating bill as well since less energy is wasted on heating and cooling the home once it’s dry.

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