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Moldy Basements

Your house can be a cesspool for mold growth if any moisture issues are left untreated.

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Your basement or crawl space is particularly susceptible to mold growth since water can find many ways to seep through your walls or floor and linger or accumulate.

Not only is mold unsightly, it can also cause health issues in your home. Certain molds can be harmless, while others can be very toxic. Either way, it’s important to remove mold as quickly as possible to avoid potential health issues.

Mold growth is accelerated in areas like basements and crawl spaces because of the high relative humidity in those areas. It’s acceptable to have a relative humidity score of up to 55% in your foundation. Anything higher will serve as an often rapid breeding ground for mold spore growth.

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Health issues from mold can include:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Headaches or stuffy nose
  • Asthma or respiratory issues

The easiest way to reduce mold growth is to reduce the amount of indoor humidity. This is easy to do in most rooms of the house, but your basement or crawl space usually needs waterproofing solutions and air filtration/additional ventilation/dehumidification systems to keep the air dry and healthy.

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