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Cracked Concrete Repair

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You may think a small crack in your concrete is just an eyesore; however, this little concrete crack may cause you even bigger problems in the future. Cracks are caused by a number of different factors regarding the soil, including ground movement, washout, dry out, and weather conditions. 

Not only do concrete cracks negatively affect overall aesthetics, but most importantly, they can impact the structural integrity of your home. Concrete cracks can occur anywhere, but especially in slabs (flatwork), walls, and columns. Cracks provide an opening for moisture to seep below the slab, causing the underlying soil to soften or wash away completely. 

PolyRenewal™ Crack Sealant

We know DIY concrete crack repair in Atlanta sounds like the tempting first choice over calling a professional. With the ability to buy polyurethane caulk at your local hardware store and hundreds of YouTube videos at your fingertips, sealing cracked concrete appears to be a job anyone can do. However, polyurethane caulk has its disadvantages–it’s known to dry out and crack over time when exposed to the sun. 

At AquaGuard Concrete Leveling, we use a silicone-based epoxy joint sealant for Atlanta concrete crack repair called PolyRenewal™ Crack Sealant. Our concrete crack sealer has the ability to withstand harmful UV rays, which means it won’t be susceptible to bubbling, cracking, or drying like polyurethane caulk will. 

PolyRenewal™ Crack Sealant is engineered by Groundworks, North America’s largest residential foundation and concrete repair manufacturing network. AquaGuard is the only authorized Groundworks contractor in North Georgia. Instead of attempting to do it yourself, contact the experts at AquaGuard and learn how our PolyRenewal™ Crack Sealant, paired with our concrete leveling foam, PolyRenewal®, will restore your concrete slab.

Concrete Crack Repair Can Be Paired with PolyRenewal™® 

One of the biggest advantages is that it can easily be paired with PolyRenewal® as a comprehensive Atlanta concrete crack repair system. First, PolyRenewal® foam is injected to lift and level your concrete. From there, PolyRenewal™ Crack Sealant is used to fill cracked concrete and seal the control joints. As part of the final step, a sealant coat is applied to the whole surface, providing an extra layer of permanent protection against all elements. 

Other Advantages of Caulk Sealant

  • Can Be Installed Year-Round
    Because PolyRenewal™ Crack Sealant can easily withstand extreme temperatures, it can be installed no matter what weather conditions are in the forecast. 
  • Cures in 60 Minutes
    As a homeowner, we understand your busy lifestyle doesn’t include time waiting for the sealant to dry. PolyRenewal™ Crack Sealant cures in just 60 minutes, which is a fraction of the time needed for other urethane-based caulking products.
  • Long-Lasting & Durable
    Compared to polyurethane sealants, PolyRenewal™ Crack Sealant is the long-term repair solution for your cracked concrete. It offers long-lasting, durable protection and comes with a five-year warranty to ensure functionality into the future.

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