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Floor and Wall Gaps

Floor and wall gap repair throughout Atlanta and North Georgia.

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If you start to notice any gaps between the floor and the wall in your home, it could be a sign of foundation issues. Soils in the ground can contract and expand from extreme weather conditions or water saturation, causing your foundation to shift or settle. As your foundation shifts, it can cause interior damage such as floor and wall gaps. To avoid further damage to your home, call AquaGuard Foundation Solutions right away for a recommendation.

We provide free inspections to customers throughout Georgia including Marietta, Atlanta, Decatur, Alpharetta and many surrounding areas.

Why Do I Get Floor and Wall Gaps?

Sagging Floor Joists
You could be getting floor gaps because of sagging floor joists, which occur when the support beams that hold up the floor joists are spaced out too far apart. The floor joists become overloading because there is too much uneven space in between, causing them to bend and sag.
House Settling
You could be getting floor gaps because your house is settling, which is caused by the foundation your home was built on shifts. Change in the soil can happen when there is too much water, when the soil is too dry, or if the soil isn’t properly prepared before the house was built.

Fixing Floor and Wall Gaps

As the floor and wall start to separate, you need a sturdy solution to push them back together to remove the void. Foundation piers are an effective for repairing the floor and wall gaps. Not only will this remove the gap, but will also stabilize your foundation to prevent future problems from occurring.
However big or small the cracks are, count on AquaGuard to provide a free inspection and recommend an effective solution. Contact us today.

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