Georgia Discharge Lines and LawnScapes

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Discharge Lines:

Your sump pump gets the water out of your crawlspace or basement and away from your house with a pipe. This plastic pipe is usually about one and a half inches in diameter, runs on the surface of the ground (or in a shallow buried trench), and removes the water onto the surface of your lawn, away from your home. The pipes extend far enough to ensure that the water will not reenter your space.

How does FreezeGuard help your Discharge Lines? FreezeGuard is extremely important when it comes to your discharge lines. In the winter, the outlet of the pipe may become blocked with snow and ice. This blockage prevents the water trying to be removed from actually leaving your home. In short- your pump will continue to run throughout the winter, but cannot get the water out; therefore, your crawlspace or basement will most likely flood.

Here is where FreezeGuard becomes extremely beneficial. This piece of equipment is engineered to go on the outside of your home and automatically eject the water away from the exterior wall of your house to ensure that the pipe does not freeze. It is designed with holes in it to allow all of the water to be released. Also, the FreezeGuard’s designed so that no water is able to get into the openings, so no water will ever freeze within your pipes.


YardWells are mainly installed to assist your gutters to ensure that they are not dumping water right next to your foundation. YardWell is a product that prevents you from having ugly pipes and contraptions running across your lawn.

YardWell allows you to bury your pipes from the gutter downspouts underground (away from your home’s foundation). Instead of having ugly pipes sticking out in your yard, the pipes can be terminated on the surface with a durable, dark green colored water dispersion- this is called a YardWell Outlet. The YardWell has a cover that can unscrew to allow you to remove any debris that may collect inside of it. Discharge lines, FreezeGuards, and YardWells are extremely important installations in any waterproofing job.

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