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Clogged Gutters in Athens, Atlanta, and Columbus Georgia

Learn what kind of damage clogged gutters can cause, and how you can fight back & protect your home.

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For many homeowners, cleaning out rain gutters can be an easy home maintenance task to overlook throughout the year. Many believe that leaves and other debris will just wash out on their own; however, this is far from the truth.

Signs That You Have Clogged Gutters: 

Plants Are Growing Close to Your Gutters 

Plants growing out of your gutter indicate a clog that’s been there for a long time. Organic debris like sticks, leaves, pine needles, and more will eventually turn to soil. This will support the growth of seeds that find their way into your gutter. 

Your Gutters Are Bowing, Sagging, Or Misshapen 

When leaves and other debris build up in your gutter, the debris mass blocks water flow from your gutter to your downspout. This will cause water to collect in your gutter and weigh it down along with the materials stuck in it. The excessive weight may cause it to sag, bow, or even break along the middle. 

This can also lead to pooling around your home’s foundation. When water pools around your basement, crawl space, or slab foundation, it can lead to leaking, flooding, and even weakening of the soil beneath your home. 

Your Home’s Siding Has Water Damage or Water Stains 

If you notice water stains on your home’s wooden or vinyl siding or fascia boards, it’s a sign that you’re dealing with clogged gutters. When rainwater can’t make its way through your exterior drainage system, it will find other avenues to escape your roof and gutter system. Commonly, water overflow from the side of your gutter, causing streaks and water damage to the side of your home over a long period of time. 

Animals And Bugs Are Gravitating to Your Gutters 

Birds, mosquitoes, gnats, termites, and wasps find a happy home in your gutters if they aren’t cleared on a regular basis. The debris sitting in standing water provides a welcoming environment for these pests to make new homes in. This can be a hazard if left unchecked; namely if you or gutter cleaning services climb up to clean out the gutter, and meet a dangerous wasp nest. If this is the case, it’s recommended to call in an exterminator first before having gutterwork done. 

You Haven’t Cleaned Your Gutters in A While 

While certain home problems can fix themselves, gutter blockages aren’t one of them. If you or a hired service hasn’t cleaned out your gutters in a while, it’s extremely likely that they’re on the path to being clogged. The only thing that can prevent your gutters from clogging is routine maintenance and expert gutter technology. Keep reading to learn how you can prevent these problem signs below. 

Tips on How To Prevent Clogged Gutters

  • Clean gutters periodically 

Cleaning your gutters is the best way to ensure that they don’t clog throughout the year. Cleaning gutters has become easier over the years with the advancement of affordable yard tools that can reach up and inside of your gutter, without any need for a ladder. Some choose to use extension gutter cleaner devices, while other homeowners put on a pair of work gloves and scrape debris out with a trowel.  

Regardless of how you choose to safely clean your gutter, it’s wise to run your garden hose inside of the gutter to ensure the water flow has been fully restored. If you turn the faucet and water still isn’t coming out of your gutter drainage system, then it’s time to investigate further or call in the professionals. 

  • Trim hedges and tall plants 

By minimizing the threat of debris collecting in your gutters, you’re less likely to have clogged gutters, and you’ll even have less to clean throughout the year. This will also act as a defense mechanism during hurricanes or rainstorms. 

  • Install Premium Gutter Protection 

Gutter Guard systems are extremely effective prevention solutions that make sure your gutters stay damage and debris-free. Gutter Guard systems contain two primary parts: the trough where runoff water flows through to your downspout, and the perforated cover, which protects your home’s gutter from debris buildup, and allows water to still flow through and drain.  

Gutter Guard Systems are also easier to clean, as you can simply swipe the debris off of the top of the gutter system instead of digging inside of the trough.  

The cost of Gutter Guards vary on the size of your home, number of downspouts, and other qualities unique to your home. Since we understand that Gutter Guards are an important investment for any homeowner, we offer a warranty for the solutions we provide. We’re proud to clean the gutter solutions that we install for the entire time that you still have it, including your fascia board.  


It’s recommended to clean your gutters at least twice a year. If you notice debris buildup more often than twice a year, then clean as needed. As a rule of thumb, clean out your gutters in the fall and spring as leaves, branches, and other debris collect in or around your gutter. 

Southern Magnolia and Sycamore trees are common in Georgia, and shed all year. Other year-long shedding trees include pine and eucalyptus. If you have these trees in your yard or neighborhood, you should expect to up your gutter cleaning from twice a year to once every three months. 

Gutters can be clogged by many things year-round, including but not limited to: leaves, branches, bird nests, wasp, or hornet nests. For colder climates up north, heavy snow and ice dams can clog and weigh down a gutter as well. 

  • Prevents Bugs and Pests from Nesting in Your Gutters 

Just as wasps, birds, and other critters are attracted to trees, debris buildup in your gutter can provide a safe space for these pests to nest. Cleaning out your gutter can make a less hospitable place for these creatures to take root. 

  • Can Help Prevent Puddling and Soil Erosion Around Your Home 

Adequately cleaning your gutter can ensure that water drains away from your home using the proper channels and doesn’t overflow to the sides of your home. This also protects your crawl space or basement from flooding. 

  • Helps Avoid Interior Leakage 

When your gutters are clogged, it encourages water or ice buildup in the shingles of your roof. This not only damages your roof, but can completely destroy your roof’s insulation, but it can also cause leakage in your ceiling and walls from above. Ensuring clear passageways for rainwater through your gutter can help you avoid these problems altogether. 

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