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Gutter Joint Separation

Gutter joint separation is not only harmful to your home's foundation, but it can also cause issues for your roof and siding. Learn more about why this problem should be repaired quickly.

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Rain gutters have an important role to play in the water management system of your Georgia home. Unfortunately, gutters are often overlooked when it comes to annual maintenance. Because of this, gutter joint separation can be common. With the driving summer rains in areas like Atlanta, Athens, and Columbus, proper gutter maintenance should always be top of mind.   

Gutters separating from one another, or from the roof or fascia board, can occur for several reasons. Debris clogs, rust, deterioration, or improper installation are the most common. Even though metal gutters are resistant to deterioration, some can still see corrosion over time, especially big box store gutters.   

Learn more about how to minimize damage from joint separation leaks and why hiring a gutter professional from AquaGuard Foundation Solutions is your best choice.   

Do These Gutter Separation Photos Look Familiar?  

As previously mentioned, gutters can suffer joint separation for several reasons. Because of this, gutter separation can look different from situation to situation. Browse the photos below. Identifying what you’re seeing is the first step to a solution. The team at AquaGuard can help you discover steps to repair your gutter preventing costly damage to your home’s roof, siding, landscaping, and foundation.   

Quick Tips to Avoid Gutter Separation

  • The weight of water and cogs are a common reason for joint separation, ensuring your gutters and downspouts are clean and free-flowing is the first step to preventing the problem.
  • Separation occurs where there are breaks in the gutter itself, installing high-quality seamless gutters helps avoid separation.
  • Avoid using glue or caulk to join gutter pieces together. This is important for both gutter repair and gutter installation as these materials are not strong enough. Gutter professionals should only repair using rivets and overlapping edges. 
  • Tree debris such as twigs and leaves can cause gutter separation due to their weight over time. By trimming any tree branches that hang over your house, you’ll avoid clogs and damage.
  • At least twice a year, inspect your gutters for cracks, rust, or areas of separation.

DIY gutter work or hiring a cheap contractor may be tempting but not recommended. If you want to ensure your gutters will perform their job correctly, leaving the work to the professionals is best.    

Frequently Asked Questions – Gutter Joint Separation

Repairing a leak as soon as it is discovered is essential to protecting your home. After all, a gutter’s main job is directing water out and away from your home. When a leak occurs, rainwater coming off the roof is dumped directly next to your foundation. Water pooling there can cause issues with basement water leaks and soil erosion.   

One of the first ways to ensure gutters don’t leak is to ensure high-quality seamless gutters are installed by a reportable company that focuses on gutter installation. AquaGuard has a dedicated gutter division to provide expert installation for each job. Gutters come in a range of colors to match your home’s style and personal preference.   

Repairing something as crucial as gutter separation should be left to the professionals. Not only is it important to repair them properly without causing additional damage, but homeowners have to rely on a ladder to help them reach the problem.   

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, more than 164,000 people are treated at the emergency room for ladder-related injuries, and there are 300 fatalities each year caused by ladder falls. Given this information, hiring a professional for gutter repairs is really the safest bet.  

Probably the most common reason your gutters may leak is a clog. Gutters can become clogged with all types of debris, from dirt and leaves to bugs and pests. Given the right amount of sun and rain, your gutters could grow an entire plant. It’s not uncommon for the experts at AquaGuard to find baseballs and tennis balls, as well as rodents and birds.   

The solution is simple, either go through the difficult process of climbing a ladder and cleaning gutters regularly or install a high-quality gutter protection system (link). Keeping gutters clear means no added weight to the system that can result in cracks, separation, and overall damage. Gutter protection allows ultimate peace of mind. While water can still enter, leaves and debris blow off, leaving gutters clean and clear.   

Unfortunately, this common problem comes down to human error. Either your gutters were installed without proper flashing over the back of the gutter, or your roof material wasn’t installed past the gutter drip edge.   

Either way, water running behind your gutter both defeats the purpose of having gutters and can ruin your home’s fascia board. There are several options to repair this problem, including installing a gutter apron to direct water directly into the gutter. Depending on your home’s intricacies, additional repairs may be necessary to ensure the gutter hangs below the drip edge. Given the complexity of the repair, leaving the solution to the professionals is best. Our team at AquaGuard has been repairing and replacing gutters for years and has seen it all.   

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    Find The Perfect Gutter with AquaGuard Foundation Specialists  

    Big box and hardware stores have hundreds of gutter products available, but finding the right solution for your home and installing it properly is where the professionals come in. Ensuring your gutters are free of problems like joint separation and water can flow freely year-round is essential to the health of your foundation.  

    The gutter experts at AquaGuard will do a full walk-through of your home and discuss all needed work. You’ll receive a written estimate to ensure you’re comfortable moving forward. Don’t let leaking gutters from joint separation steal value from your home, call or email the experts at AquaGuard today.    

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