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The AquaGuard Gutter Protection System™

Prevent the need for regular cleanings and extend the life of your gutter system with AquaGuard’s clog-free gutter protection system.

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A gutter guard system is essential for protecting your Atlanta home’s foundation from roof runoff during heavy rains. However, not all gutter systems are the same—many are susceptible to clogging, rendering them ineffective when they’re needed most. And clogging isn’t the only concern. Poorly designed gutter systems are prone to numerous issues, such as pulling away from fascia boards, overflowing, leaking, and deteriorating over time. If rainwater is not able to travel through the gutter and be diverted away from your home, it will fall to the soil surrounding your foundation, often leading to severe structural damage. 

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At AquaGuard in Atlanta, we utilize the AquaGuard Gutter guard system. Our patented covered gutter protection system is the perfect, long-lasting solution for keeping leaves and debris out of your gutters. The AquaGuard Gutter is guaranteed to remain attached to your home as long as the structure exists.

The Gutter Guard System in Atlanta

The Gutter is not your average gutter guard—it’s a two-piece system that is completely covered and sealed with no vertical openings, filters, or screens. Let’s talk about some of these features and how they make Gutter uniquely effective.

Two-Piece Gutter Guard = Secure & Durable

The Gutter system consists of two parts: the bottom (trough) and the top (gutter protection). So, what’s the benefit of having a two-piece gutter system over having an all-in-one system? An all-in-one system is totally seamless and comes in one piece—the function is the same, but the downfall is in the bracket system that attaches the gutter to the house. All-in-one gutters have substandard bracket systems because it will not support the trough or the lip of the gutter. The two-piece design of Gutter allows both the top and the bottom to be supported with additional fasteners, making them the most secure and durable gutter system on the market. 

Completely Covered and Sealed = No Clogs

Being completely covered and sealed, the Gutter eliminates clogging by protecting the gutter from fallen leaves, oak tassels, roof debris, and more. The Gutter system is designed with the physical principles of water tension in mind, using a liquid adhesion process to capture water all roof or rainwater—and prevent everything else!  

No Vertical Openings = Ideal for the Georgia Environment

Another important feature of the Gutter is the lack of vertical openings, like holes on the hood of the gutter protection system. In Georgia, pine and oak trees surround many homes. While large leaves may not find their way into pin-sized holes, pine needles and pine straw can make their way into these holes and clog the gutter. 

Invest in a Quality Gutter and Gutter Protection System

Typical run-of-the-mill gutters on most homes can easily clog from leaves and other debris, causing roof water to sheet over the gutters and freefall around your home’s foundation. Without a reliable gutter and gutter protection system, your home is vulnerable to water damage. If your gutters always overflow or leak when it rains, it’s probably time to invest in a quality gutter system. This will prevent costly repairs associated with water damage and protect the structural integrity of your home. 

Gutter Protection System

Frequently Asked Questions

The installation of your Gutter Protection system will vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the size of the house, the number of corners, and how many downspouts will need to be installed. For more information about the costs and savings associated with the Gutter Protection system, call AquaGuard today or visit our cost page. 

The beauty of installing the Gutter Protection system is that if you have problems with the material, paint, cleaning of the system, etc.—we’ll be there. For the lifetime of your gutter system, we’ll clean it for free. If it pulls away from the fascia board, we’ll fix that for free too.

At AquaGuard, our top concern is protecting your home’s foundation with the highest quality, most reliable services, and products available. Our goal is to establish life-long relationships with our clients, earning their trust as their go-to when their home requires a reliable foundation, concrete, and water management services.

The Gutter Protection system is made of 100% aluminum, meaning you’ll never have to worry about rusting. 

Gutters Protection come in 5- and 6-inch residential gutters. Because of Georgia’s heavy rain, we only offer our 6-inch gutters as the larger the gutter, the more volume it can handle, especially in short bursts. 

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