Foundation Settlement is easy to spot once you know what to look for. Here are some of the more typical tell-tale Signs that you might notice in and around your home:

Outside of your Home:

  • Stair Step Cracking- this type of cracking is usually a typical sign of foundation settlement and is very common in brick and concrete blocks. As your home continues to settle further, vertical cracks may widen; this indicates that the wall is rotating outward.
  • Chimneys- chimneys will separate away from the rest of the home. Although some chimneys are built on foundation that is not connected to the rest of the home, there is still a high risk for settlement issues.
  • Doors and Windows- these are the weakest points of your walls. Usually doors and windows display the first signs of settlement. Things to be on the lookout for:
    • Doors and windows out of square
    • Cracks extending from the corners of doors or windows
    • Separation of a door or window from its framing or exterior finish

Inside of your Home:

  • Drywall Cracks- these are a very good indicator of settlement. Most are obvious in the uppermost levels of your house. Look for the following signs that indicate drywall cracks:
    • Drywall cracks off of the corners of doors and windows
    • Cracks that follow drywall seams
    • Drywall tape buckling, pulling, or ripping
  • Doors and Windows- ask yourself the following questions. If you reply ‘yes,' you may have a settlement problem.
    • Do your doors or windows ‘stick' when you try to open or close them?
    • Have you tried to adjust your doors or windows to make them open or close more easily?
    • Have you replaced or relocated locking or latching mechanisms on doors?

Crack in wall with windows

If you see signs such as these In and Around your home, it might be a sign that your home is experiencing some serious foundation settlement . Aquaguard has the foundation repair experts ready to come visit your home and inspect for these types of problems. Our trained specialists will customize a foundation repair solution that is right for your home's situation. We offer tested and proven methods to restore a home back to level to help alleviate some of these cracking and alignment issues.

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