When you have failing supports in your home's crawl space you want a quick and permanent solution. This sounds somewhat improbable, as most conventional support systems use concrete, which takes time to cure, and probably won't last forever. For a strong, stable, and level floor, SmartJack is an easy and lasting answer. If you are not sure whether your floor sagging is due to crawl space issues, take a look at last week's blog.

Crawl Space Support System

SmartJack Crawl Space Stabilizer

This is an adjustable support system used to supplementally support sagging crawl spaces. SmartJack is a system of adjustable, galvanized steel supports that can be readjusted over time to provide better leveling and straightening. As well as providing extra support to your failing structure, it can also restore floor joists and beams by lifting them into their original position. it is also the only support system that addresses problem soil.

SmartJack Pros

  • Strong. These supports can support vertical loads exceeding 60,000 lbs, much stronger than conventional concrete repairs.
  • Versatile. The portable size allows the SmartJack to be installed in even the tightest spaces.
  • Easy installation. It can be installed in about a day and any time of year. Plus, there's no waiting time for concrete to cure.

How SmartJack is Installed

1. Preparation. 

Before the installation, a system design specialist will meet with you to map out and design a specific crawl space support system that will return the structural stability of your home. Crawl space repair contractors will then excavate a 2′ square, 2′ deep hole at each SmartJack location. Each hole will be prepared with engineered fill consisting of compacted crushed stone.

2. Placing the Footing. 

A pre-cast concrete footing is placed on top of the fill and exactly leveled. The footing serves as a stable base to keep the steel post vertical and distribute the weight bearing across a broad area of soil. The engineered fill base underneath provides solid support that won’t move, settle, or be affected by soil moisture.

3. Cutting Posts to Length.

After new bases have been installed, measurements are made for the steel crawl space jack posts, and the posts are cut to length. The steel tube is manufactured with a triple-layer, in-line galvanized coating. The inside of the pier tube also has a zinc-rich coating.

4. Assembly & Tightening.

Each post is assembled inside your crawl space. The top of the jack is mounted against the girder, and the installation is carefully done. Sometimes, existing girders are undersized or damaged by rot. In these cases, a new sister girder may be installed alongside the original in order to strengthen and reinforce the structure.

Then each SmartJack is tightened to attempt lifting the floor back to its original position. In many cases, your contractors can straighten and level floors, close cracks in walls, and halt future downward movement. The jacks will continue to be adjustable for future tightening.

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