When your home begins to show signs of a settling foundation, like cracks in brick/concrete, drywall, or concrete slab floor, you need to find your home the best structural support repairs possible. If your home has a crawl space, that is going to be the focus of re-stabilizing your home’s structural integrity. If your home has a basement or sits alone on top of a brick or concrete foundation, the proper fix is to install a support pier system.

Push Piers

Many times when the foundation of your home is settling further than is normal it's due to poor supporting soils and hydrostatic pressure build-up. Soil with poor load-bearing capacity can eventually give way under the weight of the house.

To solve extreme settlement issues, steel piers are driven or “pushed” through the ground until they reach more stable soil. This connects the house to stable, load-bearing soil or bedrock that will bear the weight better. Steel brackets connect each pier to the foundation, this prevents further foundation settlement. If possible, the brackets are used along with hydraulic jacks to lift the house's structure back to original position.


  • Year-round installation available
  • Installed inside or outside of the foundation
  • Push piers reach greater depth than other available options
  • Installation doesn't require heavy equipment
  • Lift foundation back to its original position
  • Repairs are invisible after completion

Helical Piers

The helical plates attached to the shaft of a helical pier help to advance the pier deep into the soil during installation, and anchor it solidly in place when competent load-bearing soil is reached. A strong steel bracket is attached to the top of each pier to connect the pier to the foundation.

Helical piers can stabilize settling foundations by connecting footings and walls to solid, load-bearing soils. The helical plates welded to the shaft of a helical pier are designed to pull the pier into the soil when the pier is installed.

By measuring turning resistance as a pier is driven, the contractor can determine when the pier has reached satisfactory load-bearing soil. Piers are connected to the foundation with strong steel brackets.


  • Year-round installation available
  • Installation inside or outside the structure
  • Stabilizes both light and heavy structures
  • Round shaft has high resistance to bending
  • Can lift foundation back to original position
  • Not visible after installation
  • Warrantied solution to settlement problems

Crawl Space Support Failure

  • Sinking Crawl Space Support
  • Inadequate Structural Design
  • Rotting Floor Joists
  • Foundation Failure

Crawl Space Support System

The SmartJack Crawl Space Stabilizer is an adjustable supplemental support system used for sagging crawl spaces. Not only does this provide supplemental support to your failing structure, it also lifts failing floor joists or beams back to their original position.

SmartJack Specifications

  • Fast, year-round installation
  • Crawl space supports can sustain vertical loads exceeding 60,000 pounds -- far stronger than conventional concrete repairs.
  • Portable size allows it to be installed in even the tightest of crawl spaces.
  • May also be adjusted to try to lift the floor above to its original position.


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