You already know that your foundation walls are failing, either they are just beginning to show signs or you've moved all the stacked up boxes in the basement and were surprised to find your wall cracked in half. Before letting a contractor in to rip up your foundation and charge you more than an arm and a leg, take a look at these minimally disruptive repair solutions and consider whether one might be the right fit for your home.

The Geo-Lock Foundation Wall Anchor System

This innovative wall anchor system will permanently stabilize your foundation wall without the cost and disruption of foundation replacement. This system repairs the walls by using heavy duty, galvanized earth anchors which are embedded in the hard-packed soil outside your home's foundation. Each anchor is connected by a steel rod to a wall plate that provides clamping pressure against the inside of the foundation wall. After installation, wall anchors can be tightened over time to continue to straighten your foundation walls and, possibly, pull them back to their original position.

Advantages of Geo-Lock Wall Anchor:

  • Minimal disturbance to lawn and landscaping
  • Year-round installation
  • Permanently stops inward movement of walls
  • Potential to straighten walls over time
  • Will not damage interior flooring
  • Won’t infringe on usable basement space

The Geo-Lock Street Creep Repair System

Street creep is caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of exterior concrete pavement that surrounds a home. As the concrete expands against a driveway with inadequate expansion joints, the driveway is pushed against the garage slab, pushing against the foundation, causing damage.

A foundation damaged by street creep usually requires a two-part repair technique. First, new expansion joints are installed along the driveway to relieve the pressure on the wall. Then, a Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System is installed on any damaged foundation walls.

This system provides a permanent and reliable solution against future damage while reinforcing and straightening your foundation walls.

Advantages of Street Creep Repair System:

  • Minimal disturbance to garage floor
  • Year-round installation
  • Permanently stops inward movement of walls
  • Potentially straightens walls

The Geo-Lock Channel Anchor System

The Geo-Lock Channel Anchor System provides a permanent solution for bowing, buckling, tilting, or inward-moving foundation walls that show signs of extremely advanced wall failure.
The system permanently stabilizes and repairs foundation walls — without the cost and disruption of total foundation replacement.

This wall system is designed similarly to the Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System mentioned above but this provides more support to buckling walls by halting their inward movement. The system needs to be stronger in order to straighten the wall back to its original place. This solution includes a complete wall anchor system and a channel anchor that mounts on your foundation floor and wall for optimal bracing and failure protection.

Advantages of Geo-Lock Channel Anchor System:

  • Zinc-plated components prevent rust
  • Immediately stabilize walls pushing in at bottom
  • Channel connects to earth anchor embedded deep in soil
  • Installations usually completed in less than a day

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