Georgia's clay soil is expansive, which means that it expands and contracts depending on the weather, temperature, and water saturation levels. This soil will erode and wash away, leaving a void that can't support heavy concrete slabs. Eventually, the concrete will start to settle and crack. AquaGuard provides concrete repair so you don't have to look at ugly cracks in your foundation floors!

Concrete Repair Solutions

Cracked concrete is an eyesore and a dangerous tripping hazard. Level and protect your concrete with AquaGuard's patented products.

PolyLevel Injection

Once upon a time, contractors used to use mudjacking to repair cracked concrete. Mudjacking lifts slabs using slurry, a mortar-based mixture. AquaGuard uses PolyLevel injection, which is faster, less invasive, and more effective than mudjacking. PolyLevel works in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Improving load-bearing capabilities in soil
  • Lifting slabs and slab foundations that have settled
  • Filling sinkholes and other voids
  • Leveling and lifting sunken sidewalks
  • And more!

Contractors will inject the PolyLevel polymer foam under your sunken concrete. The foam will slowly expand and fill any voids beneath the concrete. PolyLevel is so stable and inert that it won't wash out over time and it's so light that it won't create any extra weight for the soil beneath the concrete. PolyLevel is waterproof and so strong that you can drive on a leveled slab 30 minutes after the foam has been injected.

PolyLevel also helps stabilize the concrete around your pool. AquaGuard uses polyjacking to raise your sinking concrete pool deck to create a hazard-free environment for your family. PolyLevel will stabilize and lift your sunken concrete without ever needing to go through the hassle of full or partial concrete replacement.

Concrete Sealant

Commercial property owners know that it can be difficult to protect the concrete around your building. AquaGuard provides a concrete sealant to protect your parking lots and sidewalks from damage caused by oil, dirt, salt, and more. Sealing the concrete will protect it from stains and corrosion, ensuring your concrete stays looking professional for years to come.

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