Have you noticed that your floors are sagging or unlevel? It may be an early sign that your crawl space is suffering from structural problems. Luckily, AquaGuard has the crawl space repair products to help! 

Crawl Space Repair Solutions

What Causes Crawl Space Structural Problems?

You will notice if your crawl space is sagging due to your windows or doors becoming unlevel, or you'll see cracks in your home's walls. The crawl space may be sinking because the support columns may be spaced too far apart, or the floor joists may be weakened due to cracking or wood rot.

Crawl space problems start when moisture gathers in the space and gets trapped. As the humidity builds, especially in summer, the wood beneath your home rots and begins to grow mold. The floor joists will buckle or sag because they can no longer support the floors above.

The SmartJack Crawl Space Support System

AquaGuard offers the perfect solution for your sagging or sinking crawl space with our SmartJack system. The SmartJack supports correct your crawl space issues with ease and can be adjusted over time for continual support. AquaGuard's SmartJack system corrects:

  • Sloping and springy floors
  • Sagging beams and floor joists
  • Interior wall cracks
  • Unlevel windows and doors

The SmartJack can support loads of up to 60,000 pounds and it's the only crawl space repair solution that addresses problem soils as it restores stability to sagging crawl spaces. The SmartJack system also works in tandem with our crawl space encapsulation system to improve energy efficiency while also fixing structural issues.

CleanSpace Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

The key to preventing crawl space structural issues is to keep out moisture and humidity to stop wood rot. Our vapor barrier works with our SmartJack system to keep moisture from invading your crawl space while the SmartJack system corrects any sagging floor joists.

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