Foundation settlement is a serious problem that can cause permanent damage to your home. It isn't always easy to tell when your foundation is sinking, but there are a few cosmetic symptoms that will alert you to your foundation problems. AquaGuard's foundation repair solutions are designed to stabilize your foundation and prevent further damage.

Foundation settlement is caused by expansive soil under and around your home. This soil will erode as it expands and contracts which leaves dangerous air pockets in the soil. These air pockets cannot support your foundation and as gravity takes over, your foundation walls will sink into those air pockets and settle.

Foundation Settlement Repair Solutions

AquaGuard's foundation repair solutions are engineer-designed and tested to permanently stabilize your walls while potentially leveling them back to their original position. Think of our piering solutions as stable homes for your foundation walls:

Helical Piers

AquaGuard's helical pier system provides the stability your foundation needs by transferring the weight to more supportive soil. Helical piers are "screwed" into the soil beneath your home and bracketed against your foundation's footing. Helical piers don't rely on your home's weight to drive them into the ground but provide a strong supporting base that transfers the weight.

Helical piers are ideal in situations where the local soil conditions are known because the contractor will know how deep the piers need to be installed in order to reach the stable soil. This piering system is perfect for stabilizing lighter structures like decks or stoops and comes with AquaGuard's 25-year warranty. The installation process is fast, effective, and minimally disturbing to you or your family.

Push Piers

Foundation Supportworks Push Piers can be inserted into the soil by hand or with small construction equipment. This foundation repair system is designed to prevent any further foundation settlement issues because it relies on your foundation's weight to drive the piers into the ground and gain more stability. Push piers will transfer the weight of your foundation from the expansive soil to bedrock or more stable soil.

Push piers will lift your home back to its original position with little disturbance during the fast and effective installation. This system will help you restore your property value and restore your foundation's stability. AquaGuard's push piers are corrosion-resistant, come with AquaGuard's 25-year warranty, and are totally invisible after installation!

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