In order to capture water at the most common point of basement entry - the floor and the wall joint - an interior drainage system should be installed along your basement walls.

Advantages of an interior drainage system include:

  1. It's an easy installation process
    • One to two day install process
    • Even if you have a finished basement, installing an interior system is much easier than an outdoor system
  2. More affordable than an outdoor drainage system
  3. Easily serviceable year round

AquaGuard uses an interior drainage system called WaterGuard, which was developed in 1994. This new method of waterproofing has proven to have all of the benefits that homeowners and contractors have been looking for.

What is WaterGuard?

It is a specifically-designed piping system that is very efficient and long-lasting interior perimeter basement water proofing system. WaterGuard sits on top of the footing of the basement, instead of alongside of the footing. Why is this important? Wet dirt cannot get into the drain because it is on top of the mud, not inside of it.

Requirements of a good interior drainage system:

  • Designed not to clog- sits on top of the footing (mud)
  • Has a built in 3/8 – inch gap between the floor and the wall to drain wall leaks
  • Does not rely on filter fabric
  • Has a big drain outlet to the sump pump (which AquaGuard can also install)
  • Will not cause structural damage to the foundation

The best way to insure that your basement is fully protected from outside water is to install AquaGuard's interior drainage system! Follow this link for more examples of WaterGuard and AquaGuard's interior drainage system:

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