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Today folks we’re dealing with a very common problem we run into all the time. It’s called a settling front stoop. And if you look behind me, we’ve got a little stoop here that goes into the front door. It just has two steps. But over the years, based on erosion and poorly compacted soil, to begin with, it has actually settled as much as three inches. So, this homeowner, when he walks out his front door actually feels like he’s walking downhill. So, what’s caused this problem is the soil all in front of this foundation is nothing more than fill dirt. This is a basement foundation and, when they originally dug it out, they dug down deep. But the dirt they pushed back up against the wall is just filled dirt. And over the years it has actually settled. Now, our repair method for this is a very simple one that we do. We put in some steel helical piers and our PolyLevel process. We have two of our light-duty piers on either edge of the stoop. And that lifts it back up to the position we want it, backfill, and then we are going to fill the void underneath the stoop and a small section of the sidewalk. And fill that void with our PolyLevel, which will raise that slab a little bit and put this back into a really solid position. So if you walk out your front door and you feel like you’re walking downhill on your stoop, give us a call. Have us come out and give you a free evaluation. We’ll take a look at things and, let you know what your options are for putting you back on solid ground.

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