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Good morning folks we’re here on this beautiful Monday morning here in Midtown Atlanta, and we’ve got a gorgeous historic home built in the 1920s. And there are some things on this home we want you to look out for that kind of typify what it is we look for when there could be potential foundation problems. Now if you look over here, you’ll notice on this brick veneer that you’ll see that there’s some horizontal cracking where it’s actually separated right at the motor joint. And there’s some more of it up there as well. And that is the symptom that this foundation is actually settling vertically, and of course, this brick being is rigid as it has no choice but to crack with it. So if you see cracks like this in your brick veneer, give us a call. These are symptoms you really want to be proactive with. Better safe than sorry. Have us come out to a completely free inspection of your foundation, and if there’s an issue we’ll let you know and if it’s something you need to just monitor we’re going to let you know that as well.

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