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Today folks were going to talk about roof water and the impact it has on our foundations. You know, most people don’t realize that the number one reason why basements and crawlspaces the leak and foundations crack, settle, and bow are due to improperly channeled roof water. Now this home here is a great example of that. We’ve got this roofline that has no gutter on it. I’m not sure it ever had a gutter on it. And the impact of that over the years is we’ve had hundreds of thousands of gallons of water all located right in this area with no place for it to go. So as you can see a result of all that water over the years has literally created this massive sinkhole. And the type of soils we have here in Georgia are expansive soils and, what’s important about that is that means that they expand when they get wet and they contract when they dry. And that constant expansion and contraction ultimately allows the soil underneath this footing, which is what’s supporting this section of the house, to shrinking contract and pull away from the bottom of the footing which is what that footing is counting on to support this house. That’s the reason why over a number of years this foundation is actually settled and, we’re here today doing a repair job to stabilize this foundation from any further settlement. All a result of improperly channeled roof water.

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