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Aqua…Guard! Ok, folks, we’re here in Old Town Marietta. And with Old Town Marietta comes some very old homes like we’re in here. And with that comes a lot of unusual and unconventional construction.

And that’s exactly when you need a company like AquaGuard in here, because we’ve got all kinds of systems and products that may do the same thing, but are designed for the different type of construction we can run into. And that’s important because there are a lot of companies out there that have their one or two products they go to. And when they run into construction like this, they’re gonna have to try to figure out how they can manipulate what they do. And what it boils down to is the old adage when all you have is a hammer, everything becomes a nail.

Well, that’s just the case when you’re dealing with AquaGuard. We’ve got multiple products and systems in place on this job alone. We’ve got a perimeter system in place that’s leading over to our Triple-Safe sump pump system.

And to my left here, we’re replacing these old two to two and half inch steel columns that are not adjustable to our Smart Jack system.
This is a three-inch thick-walled pipe that based on the point load that can handle, pounds on this piece right here alone. And we’re going to be putting three in here. So we’re going to be replacing these with this on brand new footings, putting a drainage system in here, getting our wall system on the walls.

So the combination of all these products and systems are going to give this customer the peace of mind that they have a dry, healthy, stable foundation right here in their basement. Aqua – Guard!!

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