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Hey folks, we’re here in Sandy Springs in an older home that has what we call a dug-out crawlspace. They dig a small area out that we’re in right now that we can barely stand up in, and this is designed to put in the HVAC for the heating and cooling of the house. We’ve got a leaker here. It’s leaking all around the crawlspace as well as this area here, which would be considered the basement area. And you can see obvious signs of leakage. We’ve got damp spots in the block wall behind me. And we have some white powdery stuff on the wall here as well called efflorescence; which is the calcium deposits left from the water once it evaporates. Laymans terms, we’ve got water in the wall. And when there’s water in this wall, we’re gonna have water in this basement and crawlspace. So once we put in our full drainage system, we’re going to step it down from the crawlspace area down to this lower level here. And there’s an area that we pay very close attention to which is very important. When the footing steps down from about 4 feet up down to this basement level, there is dirt underneath that footing that steps from up here down here. And when the drainage we installed comes through, it will have a tendency to accelerate the amount of erosion that’s going on underneath that footing. As a result, what we do, standard procedure, is put in what we call bulkhead stabilizers; which is a block wall that runs in an “L” form and basically we fill it full of gravel. And that eliminates and minimizes the amount of erosion that will take place from that footing. And that’s important because if that’s not done, and that’s a step that’s skipped in many cases with a lot of other companies, you will ultimately undermine that footing; which will drop that side of the house. So this is a step we don’t want to skip. So when we’re wrapped up, we’ll have a complete full-perimeter drainage system in the crawlspace area stepping down to this basement area. It’ll go outside via one of our patented super sump pump systems. And this crawlspace and basement will be dried out and ready for use.

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