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Today, folks, I want to talk about some featured products that go into every one of our basement and crawlspace drainage systems. I want to talk about, well, first of all, this old system here. This is a -inch perforated pipe and this is designed to be put in the ground and then covered with gravel. But the problem with this, and you can see this… You see how this is all silted up? And what happens is, with time, the silty water not only gets into this pipe, but it allows some of the silt to get to it too, and then it clogs this pipe and renders it useless. What we use is a product called Easy Flow. And it’s similar in that it still has this perforated pipe, as you can see. It still has the slits or the perforations in it, but it is encased in a engineered aggregate, which is basically made of high-density styrofoam. And it is wrapped in this sock, if you will, and this is a geotextile filter fabric which is designed to not only keep all of this in place, but when you bury this in dirt it allows the water to get in here but this is kind of like a filter fabric which will allow the water through, but not so much the silt, which creates this clogging situation. So this is used standard operating procedure on all of our crawl space systems. Once this is installed in a pre-slope trench, then we will cover it again with gravel, and we will have the ultimate one-two punch when it comes to drainage. When it comes to basements, we have our flagship WaterGuard system. There’s more footage of this system in the ground than any other system on the planet.

This is installed just underneath the basement slab, on the footing, and out of the dirt. And then, of course, once we take the concrete out, install our system, put in some drainage stone in front of it, and re-pour the concrete, it fits flush up against the basement wall. So when we’re done, all you see is about a clean, six to eight inch strip of concrete. And this tiny little flange will be sticking up from the top of the basement floor. And then we’ll have a wall system that will go right on up the wall and encapsulate the wall to take any moisture that comes through the wall or any water that comes through the wall, direct it behind our vapor barrier, into our system. Now all of these drainage systems ultimately have to go someplace. And that brings us to our patented Triple-Safe sump pump system. There’s nothing like it on the market. And it’s called Triple-Safe because we have three separate pumps in here. We have two primary pumps at half horsepower and a third horsepower that’ll go in here. And then there’s a third pump which is a battery backup pump in the event you lose power.

Now listen, we’ve been in this town close to  years installing lots of systems and we’ve had some heavy rains where the water came in faster than a single pump could handle. End result Flooded basement. So, this, with two pumps will get that water out faster than it could ever dream about coming in and in the event you lose power, which happens a good bit, folks, let’s face it. This is the entire heart of the system. If this doesn’t have power, then you’re going to end up with a flooded basement or crawlspace. While we’re on the subject of this pump, I want to talk about our liner and our liner lid. This is an airtight lid. It’s designed to fit flush with the basement floor or the crawlspace floor. And you’ll notice that on top has this floor drain. So if you should ever have a domestic water leak or broken water pipe, this drain allows water to get in this drain here into our system and pump it out before you have a flooded basement. And if you’ll notice, the bottom of this has a little ball in here. And the way this works is when water gets in here, the ball floats and allows the water to enter into the sump pump liner. And then when the water has drained, it will lock itself back on top of the drain and keep this whole area airtight. So these are just a few of the great products and systems that are installed every day in our crawlspace and waterproofing systems. All on the cutting edge of technology, giving you that top performance you need to keep your basement and crawlspace dry… permanently!

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