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Folks, we’re here today dealing with a very common problem. We have a settling stoop and a settling sidewalk. Now, these are very common problems that most people run into every day. And the big reason for the problem is the fact that this home, in particular, is built on a foundation. It’s built on a basement. And when they over-excavated this lot to put this foundation in, they put all that filler back up against the foundation. They didn’t compact it very well. So this concrete is built on really incompetent soil, and with time, it settles with expansion and contraction of the soil based on moisture and drought. So what we do to repair this problem is our patented PolyLevel System. We drill about a dime-size hole into the concrete, and we inject a polyurethane foam, which fills that void directly under the slab. And then it lifts and levels that concrete. Ideally, back into its original position, eliminating that very costly full replacement and repair. So if you think you’re dealing with some settling concrete or have some questions, give us a call. We’re here to help.


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