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Ok, the cause of settlement especially with the red clay we have here in Georgia is the soil itself. There are really three conditions that can cause the soil to no longer have the capacity to support the foundation: highly compacted soil, soil that is too wet, or soil that is excessively dry. When a builder comes into a new neighborhood they generally level off the building area so if a home is built in an area where you have some of the Virgin soil and some of the backfield or uncompacted soil the home. Overtime content to settle in that area because the uncompacted soil will settle over time that’s one cause another would-be soil that is just excessively wet. If the conditions outside are too wet the soil can lose its ability to support the foundation and of course the last one is just the opposite excessively dry seasons when the clay soil becomes excessively dry it actually shrinks and as it shrinks it pulls away from the foundation and can allow for excessive settlement that way.

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