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As Tom Di Gregorio reminds us, when a foundation settles, it just doesn’t plunge into a hole. Foundation settlement is something that happens gradually, and signs begin to appear as soon as the structure begins to shift. In Georgia, where expanding red clay soils are prevalent and known to cause extensive damage to foundations, it is very important for homeowners to look for early signs of foundation damage and call for help as soon as possible. Foundation problems never get better; they will always get worst and become more difficult to fix. The more you wait the more expensive and complicated the repair will be. Common signs of foundation problems include vertical V-shaped cracks or horizontal cracks on foundation walls, stair step cracks on foundation walls or in brick veneers, basement walls bowing or leaning inwards, doors and windows that stick, and drywall cracks — especially near the corners of windows and doors. Sinking and cracking slabs, as well as warped, uneven, sagging, and creaking floors are also signs of structural problems — just like tilting chimneys.

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