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How many leaks does it take to ruin a finished basement? The answer is only one. That’s why it’s important to use different materials in your basement than you would throughout the rest of the home. In this episode of “Tom’s Tips,” Joe Rusk, general manager of AquaGuard Foundation Solutions discusses basement flooring options.

The basement environment is susceptible to things like water seepage, high humidity levels in the summer, and plumbing leaks. Water and moisture lead to mold, dry rot, and fungus that feast on organic materials like drywall and carpeting. This is why inorganic materials have become more popular for finished basements. AquaGuard uses inorganic flooring materials that are made to look and feel like traditional materials. There are a variety of inorganic flooring options available, including tile, carpet, and even wood flooring.

When you finish your basement, make sure it only needs to be done once. With mold-resistant and waterproof flooring materials installed by AquaGuard, you won’t have to worry about your finished basement being ruined by a water problem. AquaGuard specializes in wet basement repair and complete basement finishing in Northern Georgia. Contact them for a Free Estimate!

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