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Once the basement is waterproofed with a proper drainage system and a good sump pump, there will still be some residual moisture that needs to be dealt with, even if you are only going to use the basement for storage. Keep in mind that your basement walls are buried in wet ground and are made of porous concrete. Some level of moisture will be always infiltrating the concrete and evaporating into the basement. That is why relative humidity levels are always higher in that area, often times way above the 60% needed for mold to start to grow. Differences of temperature can also cause condensation problems. To minimize condensation and moisture related problems, it is a good idea to cover the basement walls with some sort of vapor barrier, tied to the perimeter drain to intercept and divert moisture from the walls to the sump pit. AquaGuard offers many options to cover your basement walls, from simple and affordable BrightWall panels, to insulated wall systems that will not only give your basement a finished or semi-finished look, they will make it more comfortable and help you save big on heating and cooling costs. To keep the Relative Humidity levels down to a safe 60% or less, AquaGuard Foundation Solutions offers the powerful ENERGY STAR® qualified SaniDry XP Dehumidifier. For a fraction of the cost of running a store bought model — which can only dehumidify small rooms — the SaniDry XP can effectively control moisture in areas of up to 3000 sq ft. With a double filtration system, it also rids the air of mold spores, dust mite pellets and other allergens and pollutants. Once you set the SaniDry, it will automatically monitor and control humidity year round while self-emptying into the sump pit. You will never have to worry about emptying trays or change settings.

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