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Select Page | 1-888-479-1203 When North Georgia homeowners are selling a house, we often see many that are willing to invest money in staging and cosmetic improvements, but very few willing to spend money fixing the basement or the foundation of a home. That can be a costly mistake, especially if they want to sell it quickly and at full price. As Tom DiGregorio explains, when prospective buyers like a home, they are willing to get past outdated kitchen cabinets, wall colors that are no longer in style and flooring that they don’t like. But when they see a wet basement, or a cracking foundation that wasn’t properly fixed, the vast majority of the time they will walk away from the deal. It is easier to look at the next house. No homebuyer wants to inherit the previous owner’s problems, and if they do buy the house, they will negotiate the price down substantially — an average of 10% off. What homeowners don’t know is that for a fraction of the money they would lose by selling the house as a fixer-upper, they can get all these foundation problems effectively and permanently fixed by AquaGuard Foundation Solutions and get a Transferable Lifetime Warranty that will cover the current and future owners of the property. You can’t hide or run away from things like a wet basement or a sinking foundation. The law demands that you disclose these types of problems to prospective buyers. But if you can present them with documentation that the problem was permanently fixed, and a Lifetime Warranty on the repairs, what was once a problem, becomes an asset. An actual selling point to help you close that deal! Think about that and before you put your house on the market, and call us for a free estimate!

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